Success of iWave’s ARINC 818-2 IP Core & Presenting our ARINC 818-2 Switch IP Core

Wave is a leading FPGA design house with an extensive variety of FPGA IP Cores.iWave redesigns all IP Portfolios consistently to meet the market demands. One of the most pre-dominant being ARINC 818-2.
iWave has successfully licensed ARINC 818-2 IP Core to many of our esteemed client's around the world. In continuation to the effective outcome of ARINC 818-2 IP Core, we are gratified to present you our ARINC 818-2 Switch IP Core. iWave’s ARINC 818-2 Switch IP core is compliant with ARINC 818-2 standard.
Why Is Switching required?
ARINC 818-2 was designed as a point-to-point protocol. Since a vast portion of the newer applications of the ARINC 818-2 has several displays with many channels of ARINC 818-2 (4 to 8 Channels), switching has turned out to be more imperative.
The new prerequisite requires that dynamic switching happens between the frames. Essentially, to avoid broken video frames. This requisite is one of the many features of our Switch IP.
Features of ARINC 818 Switch IP:
  • Link rate: 4.25Gbps
  • Real-time link Control & Monitor through Web Browser
  • Intelligent, Synchronous switching of video frames
  • Error Counter
  • Besides are the types of transmission method,
    • Broadcast: One video information is directed to all or numerous video output
    • Unicast: A video information is sent from one point to another point. In this case, there is just one sender and one receiver
    • Multicast: A video data is diverted to at least two video outputs
    • Mixed: Client can reroute any video input to any video output

ARINC 818-2 Switch IP can be configured, monitored and controlled by the web interface as in the above figure. This interface is compatible with common web browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.,
iWave’s ARINC 818-2 Switch IP is tested at SXGA (1280 x 1024) Resolution at 4.25Gbps on KC-705 (XC7K325TFFG900-2) based platform & it can likewise be altered according to the client provided ICD (Interface Control Document)
For further information or inquiries please write to or contact our Regional Partners.

Samuel – Business DevelopmentiWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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