Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Power Management - Firmware Examples
This page provides tips and examples of PMU firmware solutions for the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC.

Node Assignments

A PM Master may request and release only those PM Nodes to which they have been assigned. In the 2016.3 and 2016.4 releases, the node-to-master assignments are fixed in the PMU firmware, as listed in UG1199.

Beginning with the 2017.1 release, the PMU firmware will contain no fixed node assignments. Instead, the user will need to customize the node assignments via the PCW tool.

DDR and PLL Nodes

THE PMU firmware contains fixed assignments of the DDR and the PLL nodes to the APU and the RPU. They are being powered down as soon as their PM Masters (APU or RPU) go into suspend mode. This behavior may not be desirable if the fixed assignments between the DDR/PLLs nodes and the PM Masters are not suitable for the user’s application.

This patch adds a flag to signal that PMU firmware shall not manage the power states of DDR/PLL nodes when their PM Masters’ power states are changing. The user may manage the power states of these nodes directly via the RequestNode() and ReleaseNode() calls.

The PMU firmware patch should be applied on top of the 2016.3 PMU firmware source files.

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