The linked pages are specific to the installation, use or customization of Xilinx PetaLinuxwhich is available under a no-charge license. Xilinx provides customer
support for PetaLinux in the same manner as we support other tools, through our Service Requestsystem and via our Forums

PetaLinux Tools Overview

Xilinx PetaLinux Tools are available at no-charge, make it easy for developers to configure, build and deploy essential open source and systems software to Xilinx silicon, including:
  • FSBL
  • U-BOOT
  • ARM Trusted Firmware
  • Linux
  • Libraries and applications
  • Xen Hypervisor

PetaLinux Tools do not deliver or create a "Linux Distribution", but they allow you to work easily with available software which is independently available from the Xilinx GIT or open source communities.

Xilinx home page for PetaLinux SDK can be found at

Getting Started with PetaLinux and Vivado

The PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Workflow Tutorial page provides an overview of the Xilinx design tool flow with Vivado and PetaLinux.

PetaLinux Board Support Packages

Board support packages that are included within each release of PetaLinux can be found on the release download page listed under the Embedded Development tab.

PetaLinux Installation

Refer to PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Reference Guide (UG1144) "PetaLinux Tools Installation Requirements" for the installation details

PetaLinux Documentation, Answer Records and Tips

PetaLinux documentation, which includes the following, can be found here
  • PetaLinux Tools Workflow Tutorial
  • PetaLinux Tools First Boot Checklist
  • PetaLinux Tools Reference Guide
  • PetaLinux Tools Command Line Reference Guide
  • PetaLinux Master Answer Record

Xilinx PetaLinux Support

Community Support

All users of PetaLinux are encouraged to review information provided from our public forums, documents and answer records.