MicroBlazeâ„¢ is the Xilinx FPGA-based, 32-bit RISC Harvard architecture soft processor. It supports advanced architecture options such as AXI interface, Memory Management Unit (MMU), instruction and data-side cache, configurable pipeline depth and Floating-Point unit (FPU). The soft processor core is included with the Xilinx software tools.

MicroBlaze Tools

The Xilinx install contains all of the compiler and support libraries that you need to build executibles and libraries for a MicroBlaze architecture.
See Install Xilinx Tools for details.

MicroBlaze Linux

Building the MicroBlaze Linux Kernel
The goal of this page is to help users understand how to get the MicroBlaze Linux kernel source code, build it and run it on a Xilinx board.

MicroBlaze U-Boot

MicroBlaze U-Boot
The purpose of this page is to document the U-Boot project for MicroBlaze. U-Boot provides a minimal boot loader with which a Linux kernel can be loaded into and booted from memory.

MicroBlaze Toolchain

MicroBlaze Toolchain
The purpose of this page is to document the about MicroBlaze toolchain.

Design Examples

Targeted Reference Designs (on www.xilinx.com)
Kintex 7 Embedded TRD

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