PetaLinux Tools

PetaLinux Tools, available at no-charge, make it easy for developers to configure, build and deploy essential open source and systems software to Xilinx silicon, including:
  • FSBL
  • U-BOOT
  • ARM Trusted Firmware
  • Linux
  • Libraries and applications
  • Xen Hypervisor

PetaLinux Tools do not deliver or create a "Linux Distribution", but they allow you to work easily with available software which is independently available from the Xilinx GIT or open source communities.


Xilinx provides meta- files that enable developers to build the file system that is deployed by PetaLinux Tools, and the Xilinx kernel within the Yocto build system. Refer to our Yocto Wiki page for more information.

Xilinx Linux

Xilinx Linux is an open source Project where key components are made available to users via two mechanisms:
  1. The Xilinx Git contains U-Boot, ARM Trusted Firmware, Linux kernel, GDB, GCC, libraries and other system software
  2. This Xilinx wiki contains documentation meant to guide the use of those software components .

The software found in the Xilinx Git enables customers and partners with frequent updates to essential software, for inclusion within their own products, and development systems or tools.

Users who are new to Linux development may wish to consider using Xilinx no-charge PetaLinux Tools or any of the commercial products offered by our ecosystem partners. Users who require comprehensive support, long-term stabilized code bases, or professional services should contact one of our ecosystem partners.

Setting Up Your Development Environment

  • Installing and Using Git
    Xilinx maintains a public Git tree for each of its open source projects.This page will give you the information you need to start using those trees.
  • Installing the Xilinx Tools
    The installation includes the tools that are required to build your design, the Linux kernel and U-Boot.
  • Zynq & ZU+ Emulation with QEMU
    Xilinx has created a Zynq & Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC QEMU. Linux has been the primary test platform for QEMU. This page describes how to get started with QEMU quickly.

Download Pre-built Zynq Linux Image/Release (includes Kernel and Root File System)

  • Zynq Releases
    This page contains links to different versions of the Zynq Open Source solution releases, corresponding to Xilinx software releases.

Compiling Linux from Source

  • Build The Kernel

  • Building The Root File System

  • Building the Linux Device Tree

    • Device Tree Generator
    • This guide describes how to use the device tree generator. The device tree generator is a Xilinx EDK tool that plugs into the Automatic BSP Generation features of the tool, XPS.
  • Building U-Boot

U-Boot is an open source Universal Boot Loader that is frequently used in the linux community
  • Building Arm Trusted Firmware (ATF)

Building PMU Firmware
    • Build PMU Firmware
    • This how-to describes how to build the PMU Firmware (PMUFW) for your target platform

ZC702 example application in Linux

Linux Drivers

The Xilinx OSL kernels include many drivers that are specific to the Xilinx processor or silicon configurations. This page List of Xilinx drivers provides some details on the Xilinx drivers for Open Source Linux, such as testing, how to use the drivers, known issues, etc. The drivers included in the kernel tree are intended to run on ARM (Zynq), PowerPC and MicroBlaze Linux.

Real-Time Linux

Our Real-Time Linux page here on the wiki describes solutions for improved real-time performance on Xilinx silicon. Please note that some of the listed solutions are provided via third parties; commercial or alternate open source projects.

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