Wiki Resources for the Zynq-7000 ZC702 Evaluation Kit

This is a Wiki page for the Xilinx ZC702 Evaluation kit, where additional resources and information is available. This Wiki page has resources and information that is not officially part of the kit. This is a repository of relevant material that can help you further your understanding of this evaluation kit and applications related to it. The official ZC702 Evaluation Kit page is located at

Getting Started

Official ZC702 Product page, where the content included in this kit is maintained up to date with the latest supported Xilinx tools.
ZC702 Getting Stated Wiki to help you navigate the latest steps and procedures to learning how use and develop with the ZC702 kit.

Getting Support

Tech-Tips & How-Tos

Designs & Applications

Tools, IP and Software

  • Fedora - Red Hat - v16.2 being used for ZYNQ TRDs
  • TeraTerm - Open Source - Possible terminal emulator for serial connections from PC to kits.