template<int ROWS, int COLS, int SRC1_T, int SRC2_T, int DST_T, typename P_T>
void hls::Mul( hls::Mat<ROWS, COLS, SRC1_T>& src1,
               hls::Mat<ROWS, COLS, SRC2_T>& src2,
               hls::Mat<ROWS, COLS, DST_T>& dst,
               P_T scale=1 );


  • src1 – first input image.
  • src2 – second input image.
  • dst – the output image.

  • scale – optional scale factor

Calculates the per-element product of two input images src1 and src2, save the result in image dst. An optional scaling factor scale can be used.
Image data must be stored in src1 and src2, the image data of dst must be empty before invocations. Invoking this function will consume the data in src1 and src2, and filling the image data of dst.
src1 and src2 must have the same size and number of channels.dstmust have the same size and number of channels as the inputs.

OpenCV reference

cvMul, cv::multiply