In this brief demo, we shall discuss how to build the linuc image for the rfdc. We shall also discuss the steps needed to build and execute a Linux application testing the rfdc driver in SDK.

Building Linux Image:

The recommended flow is to use Petalinux 2018.1 (or later) to create the Linux Image. There is a rfdc recipe here that will build the rfdc driver.
If using Yocto to build the linux image, then the user can build the rfdc from the meta-petalinux layer (bitbake rfdc), this will be created when calling the petalinux-image-minimal task.
However, for users using a custom flow, the rfdc recipe can be extracted from the meta-petalinux/recipes-bsp layer. There is a dependency here on the fsbl's xparameters.h file, so the fsbl_%.bbappend
will need to be extracted from here too.

If users are using the ZCU111 development board, then it is recommended to use the BSP for this board in Petalinux

  • petalinux-create -t project -s <path to the bsp>
  • cd <project directory>
  • petalinux-build

If using a custom board, then the flow below can be used:

  • petalinux-create -t project --template zynqMP -n rfdc_image
  • cd rfdc_image
  • petalinux-config --get-hw-description=<path to HDF>
  • copy the contents of the meta-petalinux/recipes-bsp to rfdc_image/project-spec/meta-user/recipes-bsp
  • petalinux-build -c rfdc
  • petalinux-build

Note: we shall be making a local copy of the sysroots/aarch64_plnx on windows machine as this will be used in SDK to debug the linux applciation
cp -R <TMPDIR>/sysroots <directory on yout local machine>

Note: User can obtain the TMPDIR below:

  • petalinux-config
    • Yocto Settings
      • <TMPDIR>

Creating Linux application in SDK:

Here we will use the example applications, that are delivered with the rfdc driver. However, users can develop their own application as they see fit.

  • File -> New -> Application Project
  • Give the project a name: rfdc_linux
    • OS Platform: Linux
    • Processor Type: psu_cortexa53
    • Tick the Linux System Root box
      • Browse to the aarch64_plnx that was copied in the previous step
    • Next
    • Select Linux Empty Application template
    • Finish

Right click on the src folder in the application (rfdc_linux) and select import -> General -> Filesystem:

Right click on the application (rfdc_linux), and select C/C++ Build Settings. Then add the --sysroot path as shown below:

Add the libraries as shown below:

Debugging on Hardware:

Here we need to setup a local connection between the board, and the PC that is running SDK. for example, I set up the host IP address as shown below:
My Board IP address is setup as shown below:

Setup the Target connection:
Drop down the Linux TCF Agent, and select Add new Target Connection.
Setup the connections with the same IP address as the one set in ifconfig:

To create the Debug Configuration. right click on the application (rfdc)linux), and select Debug As -> Debug Configurations:

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