This wiki contains the files associated with the AMS demo on the Arty A35T Demo

Design Overview

The below block diagram details the various elements of the AMS demo in the AMS ARTY Videos


Vivado IPI block diagram

The core design is build in IPI

Vivado SDK

C code running on the MicroBlaze core controls the system.

Please see some example code here:

TCL Scripts

TCL scripts for writing DAC data to BRAM on the A35T device.

TCL scripts for capturing 4k data-points from the XADC and dumping it to a file.

Matlab Scripts

Generate 4k sine-wave pattern to be downloaded in Vivado to the A35T device via the write_data_data.tcl script.

Perform fft on txt file data containing 4k XADC datapoints.

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